Event Venues.

The VHF and HF event's will be conducted at two separate mountain venues located somewhere outside of Albuquerque area. Round trip bus transportation from the event hotel to the event venue will be provided.

Both of our Venues are above 7000 Feet MSL and below 8000 Feet MSL.

The UV levels encountered in the mountains in New Mexico are high. It is highly recommend that sun screen with a high SPF number be used to reduce the risk of sun burn.

We do recommend that you carry water with you while out on the course.


Map Samples

Maps for both championship days are 5 color IOF standard.

Print Scale will be 1:15000 on legal and 1:15000 on 11X17 size paper.

Typical example of map quality are provided to the right.

Legends will not be printed on the map, but will be posted at the start area for anyone that needs one. This allows more paper area to be used for the map.

All symbols are standard IOF symbols.



In Albuquerque you can experience the Old Southwest while enjoying a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Please join us in the high desert for the food, the art and the adventure.

The elevation in the city of Albuquerque varies from around 1859 Meters (6100 Feet) in the foot hills to about 1493 Meters (4900 Feet) in the valley.


Just east of town is Sandia crest 3253 Meters (10675 Feet) elevation which offers an outstanding view of the City and valley below. From the west side of the mountain Sandia crest can be accessed via a tram ride and short hike from the upper tram terminal.

Sandia Crest can also be accessed via highway from the east side of the mountain.

Climate Information.

               Average Highs/Lows   Relative
     Month            (F)           Humidity
     January         47/22            55%
     February        53/26            49%
     March           61/32            39%
     April           71/40            33%
     May             80/49            32%
     June            91/58            28%
     July            93/65            42%
     August          89/63            45%
     September       83/55            46%
     October         72/43            43%
     November        57/31            48%
     December        48/23            56%

Travel Information.

One may travel to Albuquerque by plane, automobile or rail. Most major Airlines serve Albuquerque. Albuquerque is also serviced by Amtrak rail-lines.