Event Rules

Region 1 rules will be used an a model for the event with the below noted exceptions.

V2.8 B 2010

V 2.8A 2009

V 2.7 B 2005


Embargoed areas ( From K0OV website)

Embargoed areas for the 2011 USA and IARU Region 2 ARDF Championships: In the Cibola National Forest NE and SE of Albuquerque, embargoed areas are the Sandia and western Mountainair Ranger Districts. In the Santa Fe National Forest region, embargoed areas are all lands in the area just east of Fenton Lake State Park to and just north of Los Alamos. Fenton Lake State Park is not included in the embargoed area. It has camping facilities for any group that may want use that area before registration day. To avoid the embargoed area, enter the park via Highway 4 from Jemez Springs.

Organizers comment: use of any interstate or major state highway for passage through the embargoed areas is permitted, The intent of the embargo is to keep people out of the woods, forest service roads and forest service day use areas.


Time limit

Time limit for both event days will be 3 hours (180 Minutes)

GPS devices
Runner GPS units and GPS watches are permitted as long as no map can be displayed and are only for use with route gadget , timing or post run analysis and provide no navigation advantage.

Cell Phones
Cell phones will be permitted on the venue for safety reasons. Caution Cell service is spotty at the venues and there is a possibility of no cell service at your call location. Verizon appears to have the best coverage. Cell phones are for emergency use only. Anyone seen using a cell phone for non emergency use will be disqualified.

An iPHONE running iSDR will be premitted on the course. More info on iSDR can be found on the Digital Confections website

2 Meter handheld's
2 meter handheld's will be permitted on the course and are for emergency use only. Anyone seen transmitting with a handheld for non emergency use will be disqualified. All heldhelds must be set to 146.520 MHz when transmitting to prevent accidental jamming of the fox frequency. 146.520 MHz will be monitored at the finish line.

Score Keeping

Electronic E-Punch will be used and the FjWW software will be used for Processing results.