September 16-18, 2011

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Letter from the Chairman and Co Chairman

Fellow T-Hunters and ARDFers,

On behalf of the Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club, the Albuquerque Transmitter Hunters, New Mexico Orienteers and the Amateur Radio community in and around New Mexico, I would like to welcome you to our website and welcome any questions and comments you may have regarding the championships. I also want to extend a thanks to all of our volunteers that made this event possible.

For anyone considering hosting a future ARDF event I have posted our operations documents on the results page of this website. They are in Microsoft office 2007 format and are for use by anyone that is considering hosting an event. Please modify them to fit your event.

Thanks for attending the Sixth IARU Region II Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships!

From September 16 to18th 2011, the Sixth IARU Region II ARDF Championships was held in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico USA.



Dave  D'Epagnier, K0QE - 2001 ARDF Championships

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73 and Happy Hunting,
Jerry Boyd, WB8WFK
Sixth IARU Region II ARDF Championships Co Chairman

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